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Our Review of Math Analogies Level One!

Our family was blessed to be chosen to review an amazing product by The Critical Thinking Co.!
Critical Thinking Company Review
As I have shared before our daughters are not thrilled with math in any way, shape, or form. Our house seems to have been skipped by the little fairy that hands out the love of math genes. So when we were offered a review spot with The Critical Thinking Co. to review their Math Analogies Level 1  I jumped at the chance. My hope was that a new way of thinking about math would spark an interest in the subject that we were lacking from our current books.

Critical Thinking Company Review
We received an email containing the link to download the Math Analogies Level 1. This is a Windows software download for Grades 2-3. We used the software on our windows based touch screen laptop without issues. We saved the software to our desktop and it was very simple for our daughter to start and then use the program on her own.

The software begins with a sample of how to solve various analogies. We found this to be very helpful as our children had never completed anything like this before. The software walks you through the though process when approaching an analogy and how to chose the correct answer.

The analogies themselves are all fairly straightforward and I found to be age appropriate for a child working at a 2nd to 3rd grade math level.

 The work ranged from currency:
and shapes:
to fractions:

and some analogies that made even me stop and really think about what the correct answer was...

The work was varied enough to remain interesting and challenging enough to really make a difference. I found that when I sat down with our daughter to help her with a problem I could feel my brain "shift" into a completely different way of thinking. It is hard to describe but I could feel how completing these analogies worked a completely different part of my brain from your standard math problems. Our daughter enjoyed completing a few analogies per day as part of her math assignment for the day. I do think that adding a completely different approach to thinking about her math problems helped her with her future assigned work.

We really appreciate The Critical Thinking Co. allowing us to review their Math Analogies Level 1 . The Critical Thinking Co does not just offer Math Analogies software however. They offered several different products for the Schoolhouse Review Crew to review this month.

Alphabet Song Game (Windows software download) (Gr. Toddler - 1)
Math Analogies Beginning (Windows software download) (Gr. K-1)
Math Analogies Level 1 (Windows software download) (Gr. 2-3)
Math Analogies Level 2 (Windows software download) (Gr. 4-5)
Editor in Chief Level 1 (physical book) (Gr. 4-5)
Editor in Chief Level 2 (physical book) (Gr. 6-8)
Pattern Explorer (physical book) (Gr. 5-7)
World History Detective Book 1 (physical book) (Gr.6-12+)

You can find reviews for all of these products by clicking here or on the banner below!

Critical Thinking Company Review
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