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We are excited to share that we were chosen to review GPALOVEMATH from GPA LEARN!
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 We are always on the lookout for fun and educational math products. So when we were chosen to review GPALOVEMATH from GPA LEARN I was very interested to see how it worked. 

This is an online streaming product, not a download. What does that mean? It requires an internet connection to work, runs through an internet tab, and requires a username and password for each user.  We were able to run the program on our windows based touch screen laptop as well as on our Kindle Fire. 
I have since received notice that there have been some changes to the Kindle Fire and there have been some problems using the product on the Kindle Fire. They are working on fixing the problem. The product is however accessible through their other supported platforms: Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac Computers, Apple iPad, or Sansung Galaxy Tab 4. As well as on the supported browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Moxilla Firefox, and Apple Safari 6 and 7. 
We are a one laptop family so online products can be difficult for us to implement. Having the GPALOVEMATH from GPA LEARN on their kindles was a MAJOR selling feature for our family. We are very happy to say we did not have any problems using the Kindle Fire for our program. We were able to set up the program through Silk on each kindle and enter the usernames and passwords for each child. When it was time for the children to do their math I would ask them to complete a certain number of "squares" and they were able to sit down, log in,  and do their work at the same time without my hands on input.  

We used  GPALOVEMATH with our oldest two daughters. Our oldest daughter used the 5th grade program while our 8yr old used the 3rd grade product. When each child opens their screen they see rows of different colored squares. Each line is a different subject area and each square is an individual lesson.
As they complete squares more open up, or lock down, until the child has completed the squares in the order the program requires. This prevents the child from finishing an entire year of row one and skipping row two or three. 

While working through each square the cartoon character walks them through the lesson and helps them with their practice problems. The students then complete the "test" questions and receive awards based on their "test" scores.

After so many completed squares the student is able to earn real life rewards that are programmed in  to the program by the parent. As you can see above our 3rd grader received 2 awards with the next reward to be a 15min snuggle time with a parent. Our 3rd grader is a cuddler and loves having one on one time snuggling with a parent. This was a HUGE motivator for her. Our 5th grader however does not like to be touched so her rewards centered more around having a parent to do her chores for a day, or choosing a special dinner. I enjoyed being able to set the rewards for each individual child based on their needs.

I also enjoyed receiving an email after each child completed a lesson. We are a very busy family and there are times when I needed to assign a lesson while I took another child to an appointment. It was helpful for me to be able to see that the work I assigned was being done even I was not physically present.  I also couldn't help but be thrilled when I would get an email telling me that they had completed a lesson when I had not asked them to do so. The weekly emails outlining the children's progress was very helpful for allowing me to keep track of their progress and see where they needed more time and effort.

Our girls really liked using GPALOVEMATH from GPA LEARN and I am looking forward to using it with our younger children down the line. 
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