Monday, January 12, 2015

Frugal Accomplishments 1/5 - 1/11

 This has been a busy week at our house. We have 6 sick children and a full schedule to complete. We managed to get almost everything accomplished which I am counting a massive success!

So here we go....

I earned another $10 in gift cards through swagbucks and used the money to purchase a new financial book called Slaying the Debt Dragon.

We ate at home 5 days this week

We had several no spend days this week

I stayed on budget while shopping for the twins birthday decorations and math games for our 8 yr old.

We had homemade birthday cakes and a very low key party for our brand new 5yr olds!

I was selected to teach an engineering class for 5-7yr olds in our local homeschool co op for this spring. I asked another mom (Architect with teenaged daughter) for ideas. She hooked me up with 6 classes for very little in supplies

I sold 2 of my unused teachers manuals ($10) to buy our spot in the co op for our 5 girls. The 8-10yr olds will be taking Human anatomy, Genetics and biotechnology, and Engineering. The 5yr olds will be taking Kinder-music, Engineering, and Genetics and biotechnology.

I was selected to review an audio history program for my blog. I am very excited about this one!

I made breakfast with water instead of the milk the recipe called for.You would be surprised how many recipes can be altered to use water instead of milk.

Grocery shopping came in at $10 under budget

I reconciled our bank account and YNAB and we are on target

I sold another unused teachers manual for $5

 I listed a bunch of stuff on ebay and two items have bids!

That is it for our house for this week. I would love to hear how things have been going at your house!

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jwhit8791 on January 13, 2015 at 11:08 AM said...

So glad that things have been going so well for you guys (except the sick kiddos, no fun!)

We have decided to opt out of our co-op this semster so that saved us $125. I miss going though and am having some second thoughts about if we should be going. Just seems like we get sick so much more when we go places like that. :( I am also hoping to stay within grocery budget this month and am talking to DH about a pantry challenge for next month. That should be interesting! LOL

Amy on January 13, 2015 at 1:41 PM said...

Hey you :) I was just thinking about you the other night! How have things been going? We are very blessed that our co-op is only $10 per semester. With our son still in his private school we still get exposed to just as many of the bugs as before :( Such a lovely time of the year!

jwhit8791 on January 19, 2015 at 11:13 AM said...

Things have been going slowly for us.....although we are getting a little more done since we aren't leaving the house as often. Silver lining and all.

That is lucky! Ours is $30 per child and a family fee of $30. $5 for Natty and she eats it in snacks so that I don't mind.

We have decided to try for another baby also so that is exciting. So far it's a no-go but we are hopefully that soon God will bless us.

I need to go and read about your frugal accomplishments for this last week and get some ideas. This is the year we are going to push to be debt-free so any ideas you got, I could use! LOL :)


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