Sunday, January 18, 2015

Frugal Accomplishments 1/12-1/18

That time of the week again!

We have had 4 no spend days here this week.

Using swagbucks I earned the maximum monthly allowance of $25 in amazon gift cards. I am now working towards a $25 paypal gift card.

My husband received a small first of the year raise so I updated the budget and allocated the money towards our current monthly goals.

On Thursday we had swim lessons and then ABA therapy here at home. At 5pm I realized we were out of just about everything and didn't even have bread for sandwiches. I decided to take all 6 kids to the grocery store....alone.....yes I had lost my mind. We completed the grocery shopping on target for our budget and then had a quick dinner here at home at 7pm of hot dogs and chips.

Friday was Junior Engineering, ABA therapy, and girl scouts. I really wanted to eat out for dinner but powered through and resisted. I returned an item to the BX and then used the refund to purchase some toiletries for my husband. We then popped over to the commissary for some produce and dairy items. I purchase a bunch of bananas and we sat down in the food court to eat them while waiting on the big girls to finish girl scouts. Dinner was quick grilled cheese sandwiches at 8pm.

Saturday was my Christmas gift day of pampering from my husband. I had an hour and a half long full body hot stone massage (seriously even my ears!) and then a manicure (from my blow money). I really wanted to eat out as it was 4pm and I had only had 2 eggs and a granola bar to eat that day. I stopped at the commissary instead and this time purchased a small salad and bottle of water.  I started to purchase a book while I was out but decided at the last second to put it back and find it used or use one of my swagbucks gift cards instead. I ended up ordering it used through amazon for $4, all of which was covered by my gift cards.

I returned an external CD drive that I had purchased with my gift cards that I found was defective. They shipped it back for free and refunded the money to my gift card account.

I "found" an extra $251 from our budget to send to our current monthly goals. The money came from underspending some categories and cashing in reward points from our credit card.

My ebay auctions went well and I made a total of $127 on 3 items. I am planning on sending them money towards our current monthly goals.

Today has been a cold rainy lazy day. We had swim team this morning but other than that we have been home hanging out all day. Today has been a no spend day and we are all snuggled up watching the Packers game and eating homemade pizza.

There were a lot of temptations this week but we held strong. We made it the entire week without eating in a restaurant which I am taking as a huge win!

I look forward to hearing about your week!

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