Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Our Final December Grocery Breakdown!

Time for our final installment of our weekly grocery and menu plans for this month!

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So what are we looking at this week? Our normal grocery budget is $100 per week. This week was a bit less thanks to the hubby needing some toiletries a few days prior to our normal shopping day. I sent him to the store for his own products and added on 2 gallons of milk, 5 loafs of bread, and 2 boxes of spaghetti. He spent $35 from the grocery budget leaving $65 plus some loose change for this weeks groceries. I also decided to buy the groceries for the rest of the month while I was out and about. So that is $65 for 10 days. Lets get started!

25lbs flour $7.99
6lbs tomato sauce $2.69
7lbs brown sugar $3.99
9lb spiral ham $22.66

Total:  $37.33

 7 loafs of bread $6.51
Iceberg lettuce $1.19
20lbs potatoes $3.98
2 gallons skim milk $5.98
2lbs Pinto Beans $1.89
40oz Peanut butter $3.49
75' aluminum foil $1.99

Total: $25.91

That is $1.76 under budget!

*I don't normally shop at Costco for a weekly grocery shopping trip. I however needed the large quantities of flour and tomato sauce and hoped they would have the cheapest option for a spiral cut ham for Christmas dinner. I saved quite a bit by hitting up Costco this week. I however am still quite frustrated by the cost of ham this year! I hear tales that hams are down to $1 a pound throughout the country. Wouldn't that be wonderful here!?

So how are we using these items for this weeks meals?

Scrambled egg with ham and cheese
Pancakes with homemade syrup
Baked oatmeal
Biscuits and gravy
Biscuits with butter and jelly

Sandwiches (Ham, turkey, and peanut butter)
Homemade chicken based soups

Taco soup
Pork chops with roasted broccoli and rice
Hamburgers with homemade rolls and homemade fries
Roast beef with potatoes and green beans
BBQ Pork sliders with roasted broccoli
Chicken sliders with green beans
Christmas ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and honey butter
Leftover Christmas dinner
Ham casserole
Chili with cornbread

I am very excited to be finished with grocery shopping for the year! How are things going at your house?

3 comments on "Our Final December Grocery Breakdown!"

Vicki on December 30, 2014 at 11:03 AM said...

Hey Mimi, I have a question.. Do you have a trick on saving on Fruits and Veggies? I think I saw a total of 9lbs of apples for the month and lettuce and baby carrots on your list. Fruit eats our grocery budget as we can go through a Costco bag of Apples and a Costco bag of Cuties a week in our house (there are 9 of us, 2 are 12 and 13). I was wondering if you had a source for fruits and veg or something.. thanks!
Vicki (thirdtimemomma from MOMYS)

Amy on December 30, 2014 at 2:29 PM said...

Hey Vicki :) We try to eat seasonally and locally. In the Spring I purchase a membership to our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). The owner gives me a discount on the produce through the year and sends me a digital gift card. I order my produce online via the gift card and then pick up in person. I record the food cost in the month I order the membership not each month it is used. There have been several times when I have paid online for 1 lb of something only to be sent home with 10 lbs because he had a surplus and no demand. Any items I am not able to get via the CSA I purchase from a farm stand close to my home. It is very common for us to go through 15lbs of strawberries a week during strawberry season. Any surplus I have at the end of the week I process for the freezer or can for future use. This time of year when very little is in season we eat though the things I preserved in the summer/fall or purchase the massive bags of frozen veggies from Costco. Fresh fruit and veg is a treat this time of year for sure.

Vicki on December 30, 2014 at 7:29 PM said...



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