Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another week....Another meal plan

I have been tracking our grocery spending and meal plans this month in an effort to show how we spend an average of $600 a month on groceries. We are on week 3, the meal plan has been made, and the grocery shopping has been done!

My budget for this week was $100.


Gingerbread house supplies:
Graham Crackers $2.78
Cake Icing Cans $5.98
3 bags of candy $4.75

Meal items:
3 dozen large eggs $5.97
10 loafs white bread $8.90
16 tortillas $2.98
Romain lettuce $1.99
Cheddar cheese $3.69
Mozzarella cheese $7.38
6lbs apples $6.58
10lbs carrots $3.18
3 gallons skim milk $8.97
3 cans tomato sauce $0.75
2 cans tomato paste $0.78
2 large cans crushed tomatoes $1.90
5lbs onions $1.99
10lbs potatoes $1.99
Spanish olives $0.99
Popcorn kernels $1.69
Lettuce $1.19
2 bags Frozen Strawberries $4.38
2 bags frozen berry mix $4.58
Creamy peanut butter $3.49
Sliced pepperoni $1.99
2lbs butter $4.58
Toilet paper $6.99

Total spent: $100.06
I actually found I was charged for 20lbs of potatoes instead of the 10lbs I actually bought. So my total should have been $98.07.

Our meal plan for this week:

Biscuits and gravy
Baked Oatmeal
Breakfast cookies

Homemade soups (chicken noodle, chicken and dumpling, etc)
Sandwiches (ham, turkey, peanut butter)

Spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread
Chicken fajitas with mexican rice
Hamburgers with homemade fries
Slow cooker pork chops with roasted broccoli
Homemade pizza
Roast with potatoes and green beans with homemade rolls
Honey soy chicken with broccoli and rice

How is this months meals coming along at your house?

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