Sunday, December 7, 2014

Frugal Accomplishments 11/30-12/7

That time of the week again! This week has been a whirlwind of activity thanks to a shift change at the hubby's work. I already rambled about that however so I will try not to do so again.

This week we have kept our budget software updated and reconciled the account transactions at least every other day. I am not overly thrilled with completing this task but I have found that if I do it more often it is a lot less stressful. Things just line up easier when you are only adding in 3 transactions at a time instead of 23.

We have stayed on target for our budget categories and have managed to even underspend some of them!

Our 3yr old little man is currently potty training so we are saving a fortune on diapers for him at the moment. He uses 1 disposable on the way to school, 1 disposable on the way home, and 1 at bedtime. So far he is doing amazing with staying dry during the day as long as we remind him every hour to try to potty. We are really hoping to have him 100% potty trained very soon.

We have been using our cloth diapers during the day for our 1 yr old and 1 disposable at night. We tried cloth at night but have found she sleeps better with a disposable on. So far it has only added 1 extra load of laundry per week which is doable for me. Back in the day I had 4 in cloth diapers so as you can imagine I was washing a load of diapers a day. Having to just wash one load a week seems like a vacation compared to that!

The kids and I have eaten at home for all our meals this week. My husband was working killer 12 hour shift and I had a really hard time sending him with enough food to keep him full for the entire time. We eventually conceded to his eating fast food when he needed to do so.

Remember how I shut off the electricity to the second floor of our house last week as a lesson to the girls about leaving lights on? Our electric bill was $100 less this month! I am still in shock over that one.

I think that is about all we have been up to this week. I would love to hear about your frugal accomplishments this week!

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