Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Keep going mama!

Learning difficulties are hard. The amount of time that goes in to helping little ones learn new things is already staggering. Add in the extra time needed for a child with a learning issue and it can get overwhelming.

When you are in the thick of battle it seems that it will never end.

There will always be another phonics lesson or math drill.

The same word will be misspelled 30 times and you will gently correct it every.single.time.

There will be tears.  Yours late at night and hers during the lessons.

It is HARD!

It however is worth every single minute. Every single drill. Every single gentle correction.

What you are doing matters! You are making a difference and your time spent one on one with your child while they struggle to learn is worth every second.

They are learning. I know some days you doubt it but they are learning!

One day you will look up from your work and see your child cheerfully volunteering to read a book to her siblings.

The child that you spent three years teaching to read will happily pick up a book and not only read it but read it out loud to others. She will know that she can read the book and if she has a problem with a word she simply has to ask.

I know the road is long and filled with countless speed bumps but it is one that is worth traveling.

Keep going mama! You got this!

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