Saturday, August 30, 2014

This weeks frugal accomplishments

My favorite blogger (The Prudent Housewife) does a weekly update on her blog about the frugal accomplishments she has made throughout the week. I liked the idea so much that I have been writing down my own accomplishments this week to share.

Built a clothes line for our backyard out of scrap wood I found buried under leaves along our fence line.

Hung out several loads of laundry as weather permitted

Built a vegetable bed frame from scraps.

Planted lettuce, spinach, parsley, cilantro, basil.

Hit a buy one get one free sale for strawberries. Made strawberry jam, and froze berries for smoothies.

Made homemade bread

Made several batches of soup for lunches

Bought 30 packets of seeds for $3

Paid $20 for an almost complete winter wardrobe for oldest daughter (coats, tops, and dresses). Still need jeans and shoes.

 No eating out  this week

Two no spend days

I made two herb beds using materials I already had on hand

We turned off the a/c in the afternoon and over night for three nights this week

I planted rosemary and gourds.

I used the sod from putting in my new beds to fill the free flower pots I found in the junk pile to plant the gourds (75% filled with sod then added three inches of topsoil on top)

We had leftovers for dinner one night this week

 I stopped at acme on my way home from physical therapy for some dill I needed, so no wasted gas.

I canned 12 pints of dill pickles

2 batches of homemade rolls for sliders for lunch

homemade tortillas for dinner one night

 3 qts of homemade soup made from our overripe tomatoes and past its prime basil

 Picked up a free load of firewood

Cloth diapers through out the day

 I canceled our ooma service and got a refund of $10

Returned 2 sheet sets to walmart that I decided not to use for a project and received $21 on a gift card. Then spent the money buying items for this weeks grocery list. Including the bottled water and juice boxes for our homeschool co op back to school picnic.

Stayed on budget for groceries at $95/100. The last $5 will go towards our tithe for this week.

I was starving while we were out shopping since my lunch consisted of just homemade tomato soup (no carbs or protein). Instead of eating out I ate a banana and drank some water that dh left in the car.

I made a strawberry smoothie for everyone for snack today with half milk half water. No one can tell the difference but it seriously ups the volume.

Made a homemade crust for our chicken pot pie for dinner. It was yummy.

I had a new friend from church over to our house which saved on gas.

I pulled down the rotten sections of the split rail fence in our front yard. Most of the rails will be used in the back yard as framing for my vegetable beds. What isn't used for that will be used for fire wood.

I pruned our rose bushes and brought some blooms inside to decorate the table (The girls always ooh and ahhh over the roses at Aldi so I thought this would be a nice thing for them ).

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