Thursday, August 28, 2014

A crazy two months!

Things in our household have been crazy busy! The first week of July my husband came home and announced that he had given our 30 day notice for our current house. This was beyond stressful for me since we had been looking for a new house for 6mths and had no where lined up to move to at the end of the month. My husband felt that the company that owned the house we were living in was behaving unethically and he felt he needed to make a moral stand against their practices. He refused to give them even one months more rent. We obviously went in to overdrive looking for a new house and did a lot of praying during this time period. I spent a bit of time every day looking at the online housing listings and trying desperately to find something that would work for our family.

 One day towards the middle of July I saw a listing that looked familiar. It was a house that we had very much loved on paper a few months before but that we were unable to view  in person due to the one and only open house being on the date my husband graduated with his Associates Degree in Avionic systems. Obviously we felt the children seeing their father get the degree he had been working on for so long trumped looking at a house. We were a bit shocked to see it listed again since we knew that someone signed a lease at the open house. When my husband call to set up a meeting he found out that the perspective tenant that had signed the lease had had his orders resended and wasn't moving to the area after all.

We arranged to have a look at the house and after seeing it felt it was a perfect fit for our family. It obviously helped that we were about to be homeless!

We moved in officially August 1st and have spent the last three weeks getting everything unpacked and settled in. While moving boxes during the move I managed to injure my back and be placed on bedrest for a week. I was VERY lucky that I am healing on my own and having physical therapy 3 times a week is helping the process along quite nicely. I am hoping to be back at 100% soon.

We have finally unpacked the last box and the house is finally feeling like home. We gained double the square feet, a two car garage (had none before), a basement (had none before), and a massive yard. We are in a quite country location and my kids are thrilled with the wildlife surrounding us. As I sit here on our back deck writing this post I just had a humming bird come say hello. We have a deer that likes to stand in our front flower beds and eat our plants (obviously less thrilled about this), frogs, chipmunks, etc.

It has been an adventure to say the least!

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