Friday, August 29, 2014

Our new house: Adult living room

As I mentioned in my last post we are officially all moved in to our new house! I am thrilled to have the move and the unpacking all behind us. As a military family this was our 9th move in 10yrs of service. I however think this was the hardest because it was the first one in 10yrs that didn't have professional movers doing all the heavy lifting!

The new house has 7 rooms on the ground floor and 6 rooms on the second floor. I decided to use the same color scheme throughout the ground floor for uniformity and started with the adult's living room.  I based the entire downstairs color scheme off of the fabric for the curtains. I had found these amazing panels on that I fell in love with instantly. The price........not so much. They were $450 for *ONE* window. There are 4 windows in the adult living room! No way I could swing that kind of price. I was heartbroken but knew that if an item was on etsy the fabric had to available commercially. So I spent about 1 hour looking through fabric choices on several different online retailers. I almost screamed out loud when I found it! It is called Waverly Pom Pom Play Spa and sales for $8 a yard! I needed 2yards per window, so total cost came in at $64 for curtains that I adore!

From there it was pretty simple to decorate the downstairs. I chose a paint called silver sheen and did the entire downstairs  the same color leaving the white baseboard as it was. I love the effect of the silver and the white together.

Once the painting and the curtains were in place it was time for furniture.

 I decided due to the awkward layout of the room that I wanted two large chairs on either side of the fireplace instead of a sofa. I did some searching for the perfect chairs and was a bit flabbergasted at the prices of furniture these days. The last piece of furniture I bought was 8yrs ago at an Air Force base in England. Times sure have changed! The cheapest I could find for the chair I wanted in a local store was $800 PER CHAIR! No way I could swing that! I decided to search on and see what options they had and sure enough they had the perfect chairs for $350! I ordered 2 chairs for $700, that is $100 less than one chair from a local store.

While I was on ikea's website I decided to look for an entertainment center and some floating shelves. I found this metal locker system with keyed doors that was perfect for the space (and for keeping little fingers off of our electronics). Along with these big chunky floating shelves for displaying all our pictures and my father-in-laws flag.
Add in a few bits and pieces from walmart like the $15 storage ottomans and the $20 metal wall hanging over the fireplace and the room was starting to come together. I found however that I really wanted some side tables for beside the chairs. I wasn't seeing anything I liked so I went to our local Amish furniture market and found these unfinished tables for $40 per table. I painted the legs white and stained and sealed the tops for a cute little table.

I really love the way the entire room came together and can't help but to smile every time I walk in to the room.

Total cost for the entire room: $1,134

Which just happens to be $766 LESS than the cost of the pre-made curtains I was drooling over to start with!

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