Friday, March 19, 2010

Pre-folds versus Bumgenius 3.0's

So the twins are growing at an astonishing rate lately and have begun to outgrow their prefolds. While researching which diaper style to go with next I decided to go with the Bumgenius 3.0's since I was able to find some really good deals for used lots on eBay. We tried our first Bumgenius 3.0's last night and I am ready to give my review ;)

Bumgenius 3.0 Pocket Diapers


  • By having the wet insert stay in the outer waterproof shell of the diaper there is no wet insert to touch.
  • No need for a snappi which while easy to use is sharp and I do end up stabbing myself with it at least once a day.
  • No leaks even though the girls slept for 6 hours straight in it. Since the insert was so thin I was expecting it to leak but not a drop got out.
  • No tucking in around the legs or back to make sure there wasn't any wicking, just put it on and go.
  • Thin and not bulky at all. I was expecting it to be bulky on Lacy who is only 6lbs. A diaper that is meant for 7-35lbs just seems like it would be bulky on the newborn setting but it really wasn't thanks to the pocket design.


  • The Velcro was crazy tight it took major muscle to get the tab off of the washing setting to use. Not a big deal if you know this BEFORE you have it on the baby!
  • Diapers have to be stuffed when removed from the dryer...just one more little time drain in the day.
  • You can not reuse the cover and have to have a new cover for each diaper change during the day.



  • Slim fitting on the baby
  • Drys very quickly
  • Cheap, at $1.00 per pre-fold there isn't a cheaper diaper out there
  • Very absorbent
  • Easy to use and takes no extra steps once dried
  • You can reuse the covers multiple times, sometimes one cover all day.


  • You have to touch the wet pre-fold to remove it from the cover. Not a big deal during the day but at night that sucker gets REALLY wet :(
  • You have to use a snappi which is easy but sharp and my fingers are usually a victim at least once a day
  • You have to tuck the pre-fold in to the cover around the legs and back, not a big deal but a already screaming baby doesn't enjoy being manhandled to get the back tucked.

So what is my final verdict?? Honestly I am indifferent at this point, there are pro's and con's of each system and I am not in love with one over the other. Both function equally well and serve the purpose they were bought for. We will be moving to the Bumgenius once the twins out grow their pre-folds and I honestly can say I am excited to be DONE buying diapers FOREVER! :)

4 comments on "Pre-folds versus Bumgenius 3.0's"

Sweet Tater on March 19, 2010 at 9:54 PM said...

The bad thing you'll learn about the BumGenius (even though I do LOVE them), is that the velcro DOES wear out eventually. So, that sticking to the laundry tab thing...that wears out. You CAN buy replacement velcro tabs for the diapers online, and they're cheap, so that's good. But you can't replace the main velcro panel very well (and I have some that are coming completely apart...I'm gonna' redo it anyway, but it will shift where the insert can go. But I don't have a choice.)

Anonymous said...

I have tried four types of cloth diapers, and it seems my baby's skin is sensitive to the alkaline in her urine (?). She keeps breaking out into a rash unless she is wearing disposable diapers because the urine is absorbed and pulled away from the skin better. I don't let her sit in dirty diapers, even at night I change her every three hours maximum, but during the day I let her air out most of the day if we are at home. As soon as I notice her diaper is wet she is changed.

I am a very frustrated cloth diapering momma!

What brand of pre-folds do you use?


-mimi- on April 9, 2010 at 8:07 AM said...

@Corrinne I used Chinese Pre-folds and did notice more diaper rashs in them then in the AIO pocket diaper. Since moving my girl to the pocket diaper they have had NO diaper rashes....just a few days ago I started using up some free disposable diapers I had recieved and the rashes were back big time especially for Lacy.

Anonymous said...

In response to the rash in cloth diapers I have two possible ideas. 1. not enough soap (or too much) in the diapers can cause a reaction to occur when baby pees and can make the skin raw. Rinse really well and make sure you are washing in enough Hot water with enough soap.
2. my baby responded well to a "stay dry" liner until I figured out the wash situation. Good luck


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