Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Victorian Days

We are lucky enough to live within 20min of an amazing Victorian village. They have multiple free events available throughout the year, all of which we greatly enjoy. This years Victorian Games Day was a massive hit with our kiddos. 

We started off on the right foot by making and flying our own kites! The kids could not get out of the car fast enough when they saw the kites being flown on the drive in.

The wind was so strong even our 3 yr old was able to get some serious kite flying in!

There were several booths set up along the property. All of which contained hand made items from local vendors. I will admit I am a bit partial to these types of booths. There is something wonderful about speaking to a person who is passionate about their craft.

Of course we HAD to wait in line to get a ride on the mini train!

While touring the Victorian Village we were able to also tour the Underground Railroad Museum as well. 


We also tried our hand at croquet....and some how managed to get through the game with no head trauma!

My favorite game would have to have been Grace. Who knew you could have so much fun with a hoop and two sticks!


Who knew having so many kids would be a full tug of war team!

The younger kiddos decided to try their hand at checkers....I am sure you can imagine how it went.

Lastly we were able to run a Potato Race. We broke the kiddos into teams and let them race against each other. I had no idea my kids could be so competitive!

It is so nice to live so close to such an amazing location. If you have been a reader of our blog for any length of time I am sure you know how I feel about technology for children. I feel quite strongly that children need to be outside playing and exploring their world. Being able to attend these types of activities and learn new and fun ways to spend time outside is amazing for our family.

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