Saturday, May 21, 2016

May's School Excitement

We have just recently finished our first 3 week block of Exploration to 1850's with My Father's World. Since we are operating on a 3 week on, 1 week off, schedule I am enjoying some down time this week.

 Want to see what we have been up to? Let's go!

 First off was our attempt to recreate the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. Having 4 daughters and 3 ships did not work out very well as you can see. We ended up making ships for everyone and then racing them in the bathtub with wind propulsion. It was fun to experiment with the different design possibilities for the ships. Our first attempt did not work out so well. It immediately sunk!

Of course we could not learn about the Native Americans without making a head dress. She is totally humoring me as you can tell. Hard to believe with all those blond curls but she actually has a Cherokee ancestor.

Our youngest was not to be left out of the school time fun. She decided to teach her unicorn how to read. She was having the unicorn trace the letters and say the letter sounds. It was just too adorable!

 One of the big news events this month was that our 6 yr old daughter learned how to write her name! She insisted as usual that she didn't know how to do it but I insisted she give it a try. Turns out she did know how to do it after all.

Our oldest daughter just turned 12 and is beginning her year of 7th grade science. Our current science curriculum has quite a few experiments within each module. I am attempting to remain completely hands off  for the experiments....I have to admit it is difficult for me however. I do love a good science experiment!

Our trip to Victorian Days at our local historical park was a massive hit as well. The children learned a great deal about the games played during the Victorian time period. I might have managed to sneak in a bit of history on them as well.

The second big event this month was a whopper! Our 9 yr old daughter finished her 3rd level in reading! She has struggled for so long learning to read but never gives up. I could not be prouder to be her mama.

Speaking of 9 year old daughters....they do not care for fish dissection classes apparently. She is studying the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates. I decided to purchase a whole fish from the grocery store and dissect it in an attempt to learn about the spinal column. She did admit at the end that it was not nearly as gross as she expected. I guess that is something at least.

Our little bit however found the entire fish deal to be fascinating. She is not nearly as squeamish as  the older girls it seems.

Our third big break through this month would be our 5 yr old son writing HIS name for the first time! I gave him his workbook in an attempt to keep him busy and quiet while I worked with the twins on their reading. When I turned back around he had written his name. I could not be prouder of him. Yes, he is autistic. Yes, he is brilliant. Deal with it! 

I never can get enough of this view. All of my little ones working around the table. It makes my heart smile.

 Can I just say how proud I am of our twins and their reading advancements this month? They are making some serious progress. They both started the month only knowing 4 letter sounds. They have worked hard this month however and can now complete all 26 letter sounds on their phonics cards!

Our 9 year old has also been working super hard this month as you can tell. Who doesn't complete their spelling assignments while playing with a cat?

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what our 3 week block of school looked like. While we are technically "off" this week we will be continuing to learn. I have scheduled several related field trips for this week. I can not wait to get out of the house and go exploring new museums! Also this week we have several historical craft activities to complete. I know there will be some wigwam building and a replica of Jamestown assembled for starters. Our three daughters who are learning to read will also be completing their reading work each day. For being "off" I am sure we will still be super busy!

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