Saturday, April 2, 2016

Our India Unit

After taking 2 units off from crafts and activities we are back at it. This week we are studying India!

We chose to read Who Was Mother Teresa as our read aloud for the unit. I was quite proud of myself for making it through the book and only burst into tears once! That is pretty good for me. Especially on the topic of abused or neglected children.

Our craft for this week included a wall hanging of "lucky" elephants. We found a printable elephant outline online and used it as a template to cut out our elephants. We then stapled them to a piece of yarn and used a thumb tack to attach them to the wall.

Our second craft for the week included the girls handprints. We needed a handprint craft to complete our All About Me badge for Frontier girls so we killed two birds with one stone with this craft.  Our oldest daughter chose to make a handprint peacock. Our younger daughter was fascinated with henna artwork and chose to draw her own artwork on her handprint.

We learned a great deal during our India Unit! So much so that we earned our India Culture badge for Frontier girls as well. I am loving that we can use the Frontier girl badges as an encouragement for the girls school work. You can definitely tell that there are a lot of homeschooling parents writing the badge requirements!

What crafts did your family complete for your India Unit? Let's hear them!

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