Monday, December 21, 2015

Settling in to our new home in Jersey.

We are working on getting settled into our new house here in Jersey! We were extremely blessed to find a house that not only works for our family but is also amazing! After spending 6 months on the family farm in Kentucky I was not really loving the idea of moving back to Jersey and living in a subdivision surrounded by people 24/7. We knew the area we wanted to live in however and started looking for a house to meet our needs.

 I knew the Lord had a plan for our family when we were forced to move out of our old house due to a corrupt landlord. I spent the entire summer praying that I would have the patience and the strength to wait for His time to reveal His plan. When the time did He blow my socks off!

Our new house is a dream come true. Sitting on an acre of land in the middle of the state forest we could not ask for a better location. We do have neighbors close enough to provide some "security" but far enough away to give our family some privacy.

The house itself is a lovely 5 bedroom split level home. The owners recently remodeled the home adding an addition to the rear of the property. I had never lived in a split level before and wasn't too sure how I felt about the layout. Having moved in and spent some time here however I have to say I really like it.

The "great room" on the upper floor is a big selling point for me. The sight lines are better allowing me to keep a better eye on the children. This allows me to keep the entire room clean versus several separate rooms where the children are able to simply drop something and walk away without my noticing.

 The downstairs "great room" is a nice cozy room where we have our coat cubbies, family room, and school room.  I am enjoying having the school room slightly removed from the upper levels and bedrooms. It is hard for the children to concentrate on their readings when their siblings are constantly running in and out of the room.

We are settling in and anxiously awaiting the return of the missing member of our family. Going through so many moves and changes while my husband has been deployed was not easy by any stretch of the imagination.  It has been 198 days since he left. That is an extremely long time to be apart! The Lord has held my hand through the last 198 days and I am sure I am going to need Him to hang on to me for a bit longer. I can not wait until this deployment is behind us.

Until then we will keep on keeping on here on the home front.

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