Friday, September 25, 2015

MFW Kindergarten Unit: 17

We had a very exciting My Father's World Kindergarten Unit this week! We are on "K is for Kangaroo"! Our 9 year old daughter adores kangaroos at the moment so this week was a fun one four our family.

We took a trip to a drive through safari! While we were there we went into the walking portion of the park. Inside the walking portion we were able to walk inside an enclosure with  the kangaroos! No cages involved, just a dainty fence to keep us off the grass.

The highlight would have to be the mama kangaroo with her baby! There was a great deal of oohing and ahhing when they saw the tiny little baby.

Outside of the enclosure we couldn't resist climbing inside the kangaroo sculpture and playing Joey!

I have always found kangaroos to be fascinating animals so I have to admit I was as thrilled as the girls were with this trip. Maybe one day I can convince my husband to take us to Australia to see kangaroos in their natural habitat!

I would love to hear how your family completed MFW Kindergarten Unit 17: "K is for Kangaroo"!

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