Friday, September 4, 2015

Financial Friday!

I made a New Years Resolution this year to read one finance book per month. My intent was to not only continue my own education about finances but to also motivate myself to keep on top of our budget and financial goals. 

This month I decide to change things up a bit. Instead of reading about financial theory or practices I decided to read a biography of Warren Buffet. After all I was sure I can learn SOMETHING from a man who was able to start at $0 and build his net worth to over $30 billion.

I did learn quite a few things from reading this massive 700+ page book detailing Warren Buffets life and adventures.  I think the majority of his success comes from the fact that he found something that not only interested him but also helped him meet his goals. He was willing to sacrifice a great deal to get to where he wanted to go....but not the things he truly enjoyed. He found numbers, research, reading, and statistics to be fascinating. It is easy to see how these interests could be used to fuel his goal of making more and more money.

 Not all of the things in his life were positive however. To get to his level of financial success there has to be a great deal of not only dedication but also single sighted focus. I found from reading through his biography that he gave up a great deal in order to earn the type of money he has earned. He became so focused on his business, partners, and finding the next "cigar butt" that he missed almost all of his children's lives and his wife asked for a 20 year separation.

Reading through the biography I saw that there has to be a balance in all of our lives. We can not become so focused on making money that we miss out on this amazing life that God has given us. After all Matthew 19:24 tells us pretty clearly how God feels about physical wealth:

"Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."

Does that mean he doesn't want us to work to increase our savings and our level of comfort here on earth? I still struggle with that dilemma myself. I believe that the Lord wants us focus more on Him than on making more and more money. To go outside and enjoy the world around us. To enjoy listening to the giggle of our children. To help the homeless and the needy with an open heart. To welcome the riches He gives us....not just the physical but also the spiritual. 

I learned a great deal from this book....

1. We all need balance in our lives.
2. Find your passion and use it to help you achieve your goals.
3. Give to those in need.
4. Teach others from your knowledge
5. Learn from others knowledge
6. Life is short....enjoy every moment with the people that matter.

I would love to hear what you have been reading this month! We are down to just 3 financial Fridays remaining in the year.  I have to admit it is getting harder to find books that interest me. There are a lot of books out there concerning becoming debt free or becoming a master investor.  Not much middle ground for folks like me who just want a firmer grasp on the financial world and it's products.

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