Friday, September 18, 2015

MFW Kindergarten Unit 16

Time for our newest kindergarten craft! This week we completed My Father's World Kindergarten Unit 16: "P is for Penguin"!

I hit up my go to site for crafts....pinterest of course! I found these adorable shape penguins and couldn't resist making a set for each girl. I learned very quickly that it is much easier on everyone if I precut the shapes during nap time.  

Once the girls woke up and were ready for school I gave them all the pieces and let them put together their shape penguins! 

They were so adorable that all the kids wanted to get in on the action!

Our last activity for our penguin unit was to make "icebergs" for the bath tub. The girls were very disappointed when I wouldn't let them get into the bath with their entire bodies. They quickly understood that cold water + large chunks of ice = very cold water. We played with the large chunks of ice and discussed the types of habitats that penguins inhabit. We also learned that cold water is not nearly as cold as ice....and that our icebergs melted very quickly. Over all it was a very educational activity...and a lot of fun!

I would love to hear what you did for MFW Kindergarten Unit 16: "P is for Penguin"!

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