Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our Third Week on the Farm

We have finished our third week on the farm!

This week we made the exciting discovery that we have baby birds in a nest on our front porch! We would very much like to know what kind of bird laid the eggs. We however are having a hard time getting a good look at mama bird. We have purchased a bird feeder to hang on the porch next to the nest. I hope that mama bird will let us get a good look at her very soon.

My little bird watchers are on the case!

 This week the rain let up long enough for us to go explore the local library. Even though I grew up only a few miles from this library and went to college in the same town I had never been inside. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a lovely children's section and a great deal of activities going on each week. The children enjoyed the change of pace and had a lot of fun looking through the puppets and reading new books.

We had such a nice time at the library we decided to go back for story time at the end of the week. We were again pleasantly surprised to find that story time included singing, dancing, and a craft. It was a big hit with my children. So much so that the gentleman leading the story time commented on the "rambunctious children" there that day. Gee thanks dude.

One of the benefits of being in Kentucky is the option of going to my parents lake house for the weekends.  The kids and I both enjoy the beautiful scenery and the time spent with family.

 Of course all that time spent chasing after grandpa to "help" is quite tiring on little boys....

While we were at the lake house the children were able to help grandpa fill up his homemade woodpecker feeders with homemade suet cake filling. After hanging them back up outside the kids had a competition to see which feeder would attract a bird first.

This week we have continued our study of botany. As you can see everyone is getting in on the act at this point. Luckily our oldest daughter enjoys reading her school work to our youngest child

While we were running errands we found some tulips to practice our botany knowledge on. I was happy to see the the children knew all of the plant parts and their functions including the reproductive systems. Seems all that reading in our botany books has paid off.

One of the benefits of being on the farm has been the farm fresh eggs filling up our fridge. I am getting very spoiled!

Speaking of eggs we were very excited this week to find that our tadpole eggs did in fact hatch! We added our tiny brown tadpoles to our large black tadpoles. It seems we will have two different types of frogs growing up in our schoolroom!

We have had a full and exciting week here at the farm and can't wait to see what the coming week has to offer!

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