Friday, May 29, 2015

My Father’s World Kindergarten: Unit 3

Our twins have completed their third kindergarten unit through My Father’s World and I have to say it was a hit. This week we learned L is for Leaf. The girls completed their phonics and math worksheets with zero problems. They actually got all of the answers correct without mom stepping in to help.

 As you know I am a project person so I was not about to let the fact that it was early spring and the trees were still bare stop us from doing leaf based activities. Instead of the leaf collecting, rubbing, or drying that the teacher’s manual recommended we did a several other just as fun activities.

First we decided to look through our seed catalogs and find some pictures of leaves to cut out.

After we were finished cutting out the leaves we took time to talk about how some leaves are edible (lettuces, herbs, etc.) and others are not (trees leaves, flower leaves, etc.).  The girls then made a leaf collage out of the pictures.


We also decided to make a handprint tree with torn little pieces of green construction paper for the leaves. The girls got a big kick out of this activity. I can see lots more handprint activities coming up in my future.

Lastly one of our twins was having a hard time remembering the letter L after our weekend off so we made a torn paper mosaic in the shape of a capital L.

I think we made a good effort at replacing the recommended activities and adapting to our current situation. I am sure if we had been completing the kindergarten unit at the usual beginning of fall semester time frame things would have went a lot smoother for us. I am a rebel however and do things when my kids are ready not when the calendar says to start. So we will continue to make adaptions as need down the road.

I would love to hear how your L for Leaf unit went!

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