Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Care Package

With my husband overseas you can imagine we have given care packages a lot of thought. This is not his first deployment so we have a few care packages under our belt. With the last few deployments I have sent the boxes willy nilly throughout the deployment with no real theme or schedule. I would like to change that for his current deployment. I have a lot of themes in mind for the boxes and will be attempting to send one box per month.
The base my husband has deployed to hosts a cafeteria and a BX (like a small Walmart).  He does not NEED me to send him anything. These boxes are 100% for moral boosting. It is nice to get a box from a loved one and see they missed you enough to spend half their night cutting out various letters to decorate the inside of a box for you.
I won’t go into what our upcoming themes will be since I do want to keep those a surprise for my husband (on the off chance he gets REALLY bored and decides to read my blog for the first time!). The theme for April will be “Happy Birthday” as my husband will be celebrating his 34th birthday that month.
The kids and I were excited to start working on our first care package of this deployment. We decided to cover the inside of the box with construction paper and then spell out “Happy Birthday Daddy” with one word per flap. On the fourth flap we all signed our names. The bottom of the box contains a “secret message” that is revealed when the contents are removed. In this box we covered the bottom with construction paper and cut out a red heart. We then used the heart to complete the “We <3 p="">u"

I asked my husband if there was anything specific that he would like to have included in the box and was met with “No junk food”.  He is apparently turning into a gym rat over there and attempting to get “Buff and tan”. How in the world am I supposed to send a Happy Birthday goodie box with no junk food? I thought about it for a while and then decided on some boxed granola bars, fiber brownies, fiber one bars, protein bars, beef jerky, and gum. All semi healthy and things he can keep in his room or backpack to eat if he is hungry and the cafeteria has closed for the day.

I managed to get it all to fit somehow without really doing a lot of planning as I was buying things. I think next time I will bring the box with me to the store and fill it up as I go through the aisles. That way I am sure I am only buying enough to fill the box and not going to end up with a lot of extra items.

The last thing I added to the box was tons of art work completed by the kids. We spent one morning doing art work for daddy. As each of the little ones completed their art work I wrote their name on the bottom and added a description of what the picture was of. For example our 3 year old colored an impressive scribbled mess that he said was a bunny fishing. I am sure my husband will get a smile out of the descriptions. Now that I am thinking about it I should have included a roll of scotch tape in the box so he could hang the pictures up on dorm room wall. Adding that to the list for next month!
While I was at the post office mailing our box I requested another large flat rate box and custom forms. That way I am already all set to begin working on our next themed care package! I can’t wait to complete the package for May!

I would love to hear about any themed care packages you have sent to your loved ones!

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