Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Frugal Accomplishments 1/27-2/2

Another week is in the books over here!

I completed our grocery shopping and came in $40 under budget. Then ran to the commissary for rabbit litter and did some price checking on the meat case. Looks like the meat there is cheaper than Aldi. I still need to check costco as well. Our freezer is almost empty so about time to stock back up again.

I purchased enough meal items to double our dinners this week for our "food emergency fund".

I doubled the recipes as I cooked this week and added 5 new freezer meals to our stockpile.

Our  blog was chosen to receive not one but TWO multilevel curriculums for our children. We are receiving both a math and a science curriculum. Each of which has multiple user accounts and covers k-5th grade! This knocked hundreds off our homeschool budget for this year !

We did splurge a bit this week and bought 3 tickets to the local ballet! I am taking the oldest two girls next month to a Shakespeare ballet. I did however get mid-orchestra seating for $20 a ticket.  We are crazy excited!

I earned $25 from swagbucks!

We had several no spend days.

We had girl scouts this week which is2 hours long,  in the middle of dinner, and 30min from home. I fed the kids before we left home (4pm) and made a second batch for the freezer supply. We dropped off the older girls at Scouts and then met up with our ABA tutor. We needed something free to do for 2 hours and inside since it is still frigid here. We took the 4 youngest to the military airport to play in their indoors play area. Of course by 6pm they were all hungry. We stopped by the USO for a few muffins and bottled drinks (free). I think we have found our new Friday night stop over. There was only one other family there and they thanked us for coming. Seems their kiddos needed some playmates to wear them out before their overseas flight.

 This weekend we ended up taking DS to the ER for an infected thumb. They ended up having to cut it open to drain it. The ER was free but we had to pay for the antibiotic. So cheap but not free.

I saved the veggie scraps from cooking this week for the rabbit's dinner.

I send my husband to work with his dinners all this week.

I under budgeted the cable bill but over budgeted the electric bill so it balanced out. I hate these variable bills.

I listed a bunch of stuff on ebay again.

Shew! Busy week here! How did your week go?

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