Monday, September 8, 2014

This weeks frugal accomplishments 8/31-9/6

This week has been a whirlwind of activity thanks to the start of our fall homeschool co-op and my mother coming into town.

This week we have:

Completed two no spend days

Had 3 meatless meals

Downloaded 17 free books for my kindle, saving me around $255 in costs!

Downloaded several free coloring pages from Dover sampler

Downloaded a free Bible study unit from Grapevine studies to use with the kids this fall. I am attempting to do a 100% free bible curriculum this year so every little bit helps! 

Our girls dressed up in items we already had and put on a play for us.

 I practiced my hair styling skills using colored rubber bands. Instead of purchasing the 100 pack of rubber bands for $2.00 I instead purchased the ones intended for making the rubber band bracelets that are all the rage right now. I was able to get 2,000 bands for $7. They work exactly the same and saved me $33.
 As I mentioned this week was our first week at co op for the fall semester. We were given free backpacks for the girls and free school supplies thanks to a program in place for military children. The co op itself is $10 per family! You can't beat that when you have 6 kids!!
Also this week our son started back to his private autistic only preschool. We reused his old backpack since it was still in perfect condition.
Over all we had a pretty exciting week in our house! How was your week?

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