Monday, September 1, 2014

Our New House: Laundry room

There are two rooms on the ground floor of our house that I didn't paint. The laundry room happens to be one of them. I was not overly concerned with what the laundry room looked like....and I was tired of painting!  The previous tenant had painted a custom saying on the wall in grey and it worked well enough with the colors throughout the downstairs to just leave it be. 

 Before we moved in

That is until I got completely overwhelmed with laundry for 8 people in a very small room. I shouldn't complain since in our last house the washer and dryer were in our kitchen so you were constantly tripping over dirty laundry anytime you tried to leave the room. I was thrilled to have a laundry room in this house regardless of the size. I just had to get used to having to actually remember go into a separate room to work on the laundry. It was always right in my face before so it was easy to remember to start the machines. 

I was finding that I had mounds and mounds of laundry stacked everywhere waiting to be put away. My bedroom was overrun with baskets and the laundry room had a mountain of clean laundry taller than my 4 yr olds. No one could find anything and I was so overwhelmed I just wanted to cry anytime I contemplated sorting it and putting it all away. It was just too much!

I needed something to help contain the disaster and make my life considerably easier. I remembered seeing plans for a laundry basket dresser on Ana Whites website and practically ran to get my tape measure to see if we could make it work in our new laundry room.

I was thrilled to find that we had plenty of room to do two stacked units. I went alone to Lowes and had an employee there help me get the pieces of plywood loaded in my cart and even had them cut the pieces into the proper dimensions for me.  It was very simple to load them into my SUV and then put the units together by myself. They are basically just a box with rails for the laundry baskets to hang from. Very simple to build. I think it took me longer to paint them then it did to build them.

I now have 6 baskets to sort clothes into right out of the dryer. That means I can sort clothes for all 8 people in one location (the husband and I share a basket as do the twins). This has relieved my stress over laundry considerably. Don't have any more shorts in your drawer? No need to rummage through 4 massive piles of clean laundry and make a giant mess just go to your basket in the laundry room and pull a pair out. Brilliant! 

Total cost: $65 per unit which includes the 3 baskets

Totally worth every dime in my opinion!

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