Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our busy fall.

Wow I really seems like quite the slacker these days don't I? I took some time off of blogging this fall to help get my family situated into our new "normal". Things around here have been a whirlwind of activity it seems. I am just now 3 months later starting to feel like I am getting my footing again.

Lets see...

In August we went on a month long roadtrip to visit family. It was an amazing time but I am sure you understand that it was very taxing. Our kids did amazing considering the amount of time we spent driving and loved getting to see family members that they hadn't seen in months or in some cases years!  We spent lots of time on the water boating, fishing and swimming. As you can tell my little ones loved it!
After arriving back home in September we started the process of getting help for our 2 yr old son. He is still in the middle of the diagnosis process (don't get me started on how hard that is to get done!) but it looks like he is autistic. As I have mentioned before we have an autistic daughter as well. Our son however presents in a totally different manner. He can be quite the handful when he wants to be. In September we started his therapy routine which includes 2 hours of behavioral therapy and 1 hour of occupational therapy a week.  We just had a review done and will actually be upping him to 3 hours of behavioral therapy very soon. The therapy takes up our entire mornings these days and keeps us very busy. Little man needs tons of sensory input we are finding so we are adjusting our entire lives around his needs. It has taken me several months to figure out how to make this work and still keep the family going. More about this to come later.

In October things started to lighten up here and get a bit easier. Our son started to become more verbal and the therapy was starting to show in his daily behavior. We took advantage of the breathing room to do some fun stuff together as a family. Starting with some Halloween decorating, our new favorite thing to do is decorate our door for each different month.

It is now November. Where does the time go?! We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and have decorated our door for this month.
I am working on our second "Homemade Christmas" this year (more about that to come later as well) and keeping quite busy with the little ones. Our youngest has started to get more mobile now that she is 10 mths old (seriously where does the time go?!).
I hope you all have had an amazing fall and I look forward to getting to post more often now that things are slowing down here for us!

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