Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How is our list coming?

Time to update on how we are doing with our Christmas list.....

Our list for our children:

9yr old daughter:
  • Book pocket *DONE*
  • Flannel night gown *DONE*
  • Book marks
  • Felt and ribbon hair clips
7yr old daughter:
  • Book Pocket *DONE*
  • Flannel nightgown *DONE*
  • Book marks 
  • Felt and ribbon hair clips
3 yr old twin daughters:
  • Book pockets *DONE*
  • Flannel nightgowns *DONE*
  • Tutu's
  • Felt and ribbon hair clips
  • Baby doll pillow and blanket 
  • Matching nightgown for baby dolls
  • Crocheted owl families
2yr old son:
  • PVC pipe water maze bath toy
  • Flannel pj's 
  • Felt car carrier
  • Felt "race track"
10mth old daughter:
  • Crocheted owl family
  • Flannel nightgown *DONE*
  • Crocheted baby hat and mittens *DONE*
  • Apron bibs 
Total Spent: $4/100

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