Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Strep Throat Outbreak

You would think after six children our family would be professionals at infectious diseases. At the very least you would think that we would have super human immune systems.


We were extremely blessed to make it through the entire winter with just a cold moving through our house. For some reason summer seems to be the time when we get the worst of our illnesses. I am sure it has to do with sending more time out playing with friends and going on field trips.

 Our youngest daughter came down with a massive fever last week and it moved through our house like wildfire. 

At the current count we are at seven positive cases of strep throat. My husband is the lone hold out. After several trips to the doctors office and pharmacy we are finally all stocked up on antibiotics and on the mend. 

I  am happy to say we are almost ready to return to our normal life!

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