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MaxScholar Review

Our twins had the wonderful opportunity to review a MaxScholar online product. We were given a one year license to MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs!

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review

Our family can be quite unique when we start discussing learning and medical difficulties. Each of our six children have a diagnosis for some sort of learning or medical issue. Some were evident very quickly while others did not appear until they were of school age. Our older daughters have a mixture of autism, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalcula, ADHD, and an eye muscle weakness. With all of these learning issues already at play in our home I am very sensitive to learning issues in our younger children.

Our six year old twins both have epilepsy and have been on anti-seizure medication for years. Our neurologist has let us know that the medications they are taking can have a negative
impact educationally as well. I have been watching their educational progress and I do see signs of slight delays in different areas for each girl.  One area they both need a bit more help with than average in would have to be reading.

Memorizing the sounds associated with 26 letters and then adding in the sounds associated with the multitude of blends is a bit overwhelming for any 6 year old child. Add in possible learning delays like their older sisters and a medication that can cause educational delays and it is overwhelming for ME to think about!

That is why we were so excited to review the MaxScholar Reading Intervention Program! This program was specifically designed to help students who are dealing with dyslexia, ADHD, processing delays or who are just struggling with learning to read. The program uses a systematic approach with an explicit muti-sensory program based on the Lindamoon-Bell Process.

So what exactly is included in the K-2nd grade curriculum we were give to review? The curriculum is broken down into two main areas of learning. The MaxPhonics and the MaxReading sections.

Within the MaxPhoics section the children go through sets of letters that are grouped together in units. You can choose which letter to begin with and are then taken though several different multi-sensory approaches to learning the letter sound.  The child "draws" the letter on the screen, sees a picture of an item that starts with that sound, sees someone say the sound, etc. They are then taken through a series of exercises where they match pictures that begin with the letter sound they are working on. If they are having difficulty with a letter sound they can repeat the lesson as many times as needed and move through the curriculum at their own pace.

In the MaxReading section of the curriculum the child is given several sets of sample stories to read. The curriculum then grades the reading ability and comprehension to set the child's reading level. Our children were not quite ready for this level of the program. The stories were a bit too advanced for them at this time. We did read through the stories together however and they were a hit!

Of course our children's favorite part of the lessons would have to be the games section! There were several games available, all of which were designed to encourage the development of their memory and reading skills. Better yet the children had no clue they were learning. They just knew they were having fun on the computer when they were supposed to be doing their school work!

So what did we think of MaxScholar's website and their K-2nd grade MaxScholar Reading Intervention Program? I really liked that the program could be paced based on the child's abilities. We could go as quickly or as slowly as we needed. I also liked that the information was presented in several different ways. Sometimes when dealing with learning difficulties you need to say the same thing several different ways before it will finally "click" for the child. I liked that the program took this into account. The website itself was easy to navigate and the girls had no trouble moving between activities or completing the lessons on their own while I worked with the other children at the table.

I would recommend this program to anyone who would like an online muti-sensory based approach to learning to read. Our children really benefited from their time using this curriculum. Want to know what the other Schoolhouse Review Crew members thought of the MaxScholar curriculum? You can click HERE or on the banner below to find out!

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review
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