Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June's School Update

So what have we been up to for our most recent three weeks of school? So much I have had my hands full trying to keep up with them all!

I think the biggest break though would have to have been for the twins. They both read their very first books this month! We are still at the sounding out every letter stage but they are making some great progress. They finished their first math workbook this month as well! It is funny how quickly it all goes when it finally "clicks" in their little brains. I am so blessed to be able to be part of these moments in their lives.

This month was also our very first Rain Gutter Regatta with Frontier Girls and Quest club. We had never taken part in a Rain Gutter Regatta before but were blessed to be able to borrow the rain gutters from the local boy scout troop. We met as a troop and built our boats together. The children then headed outside to race their boats against the other members of the troop. We had never built our own boats before so we got to do quite a bit of hands on learning while figuring out what makes a boat float. It seems were were quite good at making boats that sink!

The biggest event this month would have to be our oldest daughter competing in the Special Olympic games! She and I moved into the dorms for the weekend and took part in all of the festivities. We had an amazing time and loved every second of the competitions. She did amazing and won a gold in the 50m breaststroke, silver in the 50m freestyle, and silver in the 50m freestyle relay. 

Also this month our oldest daughter has been working on her architecture hobbies. She has spent many hours locked in her room building new doll houses for her shopkins dolls. I might be a little biased but I think she did a really amazing job on her projects. Especially when you consider she had absolutely zero adult help with either project.

We did do the full three weeks of school work this month I promise! Although Caesar the cat tried his best to stop it from happening every chance he got. Here he is disrupting our 9 year old daughter's spelling lesson. It seems his belly needed to be scratched at exactly that moment.


Our last big project this month was spent working towards earning our Postcard badges. The children met with their troop and made their own postcards while learning about the use of postcards throughout history. One of the requirements for completing the postcard badge is to put together a postcard collection. I took it a step farther in an attempt to sneak some geography into the mix and assigned a 50 states postcard collection. Luckily we have a lot of friends all over the United States who all happily stepped forward to help us fulfill our goal.

We have started out week long school break for the month and I have to say it came just in time for me. I would like to say we have been completing all kinds of fun projects and activities but in reality I have spent the entire week cleaning, meal planning, grocery shopping, making and attending appointments and other very mundane activities. I love having this week off to get caught up on all of the things that get dropped or pushed to the back burner while schooling full time.

I am looking forward to July's school work however. There is some sick part of me that loves seeing those workbooks all filled out and the lesson plan full of check marks. I guess it is the little things in life!

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