Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Exploration into Unschooling

Our family is your "typical" homeschool family. We use a boxed curriculum and work our way through our assignments as directed by a teacher's manual. I tailored our choice and chose a hands on and laid back curriculum....... but we still have one to follow.

Until now!

Our month was going to be a bit wonky with the holidays and traveling to visit family. Luckily we only needed to complete one last week of work for the fall semester. We could have made our curriculum work for us, that was the initial plan. I however was seeing quite a bit of interest in topics we were not covering. We were so busy learning things we were told to learn that we did not have time to cover the things that our children were passionate about.  We decided to change things up and try something new. We decided to try out unschooling!

I am a bit of a wimp and wasn't brave enough to go 100% unschooled. We decided to keep our Bible, Spelling, and Math curriculum as normal. We put the rest of our curriculum on hold and instead went with an child led program for the last week of the semester. I added the twist of needing to complete this month's exploration for free. That has resulted in some unique thinking along the way.

We are excited to really dig into all the topics the kids have been asking about weeks!

So what does that look like? This week we are studying:

American Government
Lions Unit Study
Business Plan for a rabbit business

We spent the first day at the library finding books that covered our topics and peaked the kids interest.

Join us as we give unschooling a try. Let's see if we can pull this off!

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