Friday, August 14, 2015

MFW Kindergarten: Unit 12

My Father's World Kindergarten Unit 12: G is for Goat.

Who can study goats without a trip to the petting zoo? Not us! I kinda felt bad for the goat...... my children were VERY interested in her!

I also wanted the children to taste some goats milk products. I wasn't exactly sure if I would be able to find any in our rather small town. I was pleasantly surprised to find some French style soft goat cheese on my first stop. I spread it on some of their favorite crackers and didn't tell them exactly what it was until after they had tried it. My sneaky approach paid off and they LOVED it. They ate two full plates and wanted more! The older girls and the baby were not enthused, a bit too strong of a flavor for them, but the three middle children really loved it. Looks like I may have some competition for my next goat cheese omelet!

I think G is for Goat was a hit in our house. The kids really liked the provided worksheet that allowed them to match the mama farm animal with the baby. I think they are going to really like the next few units as well! I would love to hear what your family did for G is for Goat! 

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