Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meal planning and Grocery Breakdown 2/19 - 3/2

This week is a little different around here. My husband's father is not doing well so he flew home to be with his family. Leaving me one less mouth to feed till he comes home. Also since he is gone I am able to make cheaper meals that he is not crazy about (he hates soups) and make them last for 2 days instead of one. We had a total of $83.41 left of our reduced grocery budget this month. This week we spent $34.51 leaving us with a total of $48.90 for the rest of this month. We *should be* done with our grocery shopping for this month though!

Meal Plan
*French toast sticks
*Vegan muffins
*Biscuits and scrambled eggs


*PB&J Sandwiches
*Turkey Sandwiches
*Ham Sandwiches

*Chicken Pot Pie with Spinach Salad
*Chicken with tomatoes and Basil
*Chicken and Egg Drop Soup
*Chicken Fajitas
*Sour Cream and Enchilada Casserole
*Turkey Taco Salad

Grocery Breakdown




Baking Supplies:


Total with Surcharge: $38.26
Total Coupons used: $3.75
Total Out of Pocket:$34.51

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