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Our Review of Home School in the Woods: Election Lap-Pak

Our oldest daughter has been asking a lot of questions about the current Presidential Election. We decided to strike while the iron was hot and jumped at the chance to try out Home School in the Woods election themed lapbook: HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-on History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections

U.S. Elections History Lap-Pak  Review

This history Lap-Pak came as a digital download. We were able to download the product to our desktop and run it easily on our windows based laptop.

I printed out all of the pdf files and organized the printouts into an accordion style folder. With 21 different components it would have been very easy to get confused if the pages became mixed up. The designers of this product thought of that however and put the component names on the bottom right of each pdf page. That made it much easier to stay organized. I separated each section out into it's own section of the accordion folder with one section left for completed components that needed to be added to the lapbook.  After reading through the instructions  I found an empty box and added all of our needed items these included scissors, glue sticks, spray glue, paper fasteners, etc. so that we had everything we needed at our finger tips.

We sat down as a group to assemble the interactive components. While the instructions were clearly written the lapbook components were a bit too advanced for our 11 and 9 yr old daughters to put together on their own. I stepped in to help them assemble the components but the girls quickly lost interest in watching me assemble the items. I decided to put the components together on my own and then have the girls complete the activities as we read through the material provided. It took me approximately 3 hours to assemble all of the components. The instructions were easy to understand and the components were very clearly labeled. I would say, from my experience, that the components would be easy for a middle or high schooler to complete on their own.

When writing out my lesson plan for the month I chose to have the girls complete one activity per day.  I read through the material provided and the girls completed any interactive material needed on each component. I loved that the components had the option of adjusting the difficulty level for the child participating. You could chose from pre-printed options or options that had the child fill in all the information on their own. 

U.S. Elections History Lap-Pak  Review
This lap-pak proved to be a comprehensive overview of the election process. The reading material provided started with explaining what an election is and then moved though the history of the election process, the three branches of government, campaigning, caucuses, inauguration, and much much more! There are 21 indepth election based activities provided in this lap-pak!

U.S. Elections History Lap-Pak  Review
Our girls found this to be a straight forward and easy to understand approach to the understanding the election process. I loved having all the of the information and activities laid out for me. While my husband may be up on all of the history surrounding the election process I am not. Before starting this lap-pak I had no clue what the caucuses were or why Super Tuesday was so super. Using this lap-pak made everything very easy to teach and understand. The material was advanced enough for older children but still presented in a way that was easy for younger children to understand. I think we all learned a great deal from this lap-pak.

We all enjoyed working on this lap-pak and I love that it is a resource that we can continue to use through the years. All of our children can learn from this resource down the line! As a mother of six homeschooled children you know I adore any resource that can be used for multiple children!

I would love to try out more of Home School in the Woods lap-paks in the future! Want to know what the other reviewers thought of HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-on History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections? Click HERE or on the banner below to find out!

U.S. Elections History Lap-Pak  Review
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