Friday, June 12, 2015

My Father’s World Kindergarten: Unit 4

We are up to unit 4 with our kindergarten curriculum. This week we learned A is for Apple. On top of the worksheets and activities we have been doing in the previous weeks we added the short vowel song to our daily activities. I know the curriculum only says to do the short vowel song and the textured letters once per week. They however are a good review and only take a few seconds so we do them each day as part of our routine.

This week the twins enjoyed the math worksheet that came with the unit. I am constantly surprised by how well they understand the phonics worksheets and their grasp on the letter sounds from previous weeks. I admit I am a bit worried about week 6 when we start reading CVC words but I am trying not to borrow trouble.

Also this week I have seen a marked improvement from the twins on their ability to write their names. They are constantly concerned that their work will be mixed up with their twins work. I have had them writing their names on each of their worksheets. It seems to really be helping especially with our youngest twin who as of 4 weeks ago couldn’t write even one letter of her name. She still lacks confidence to do it alone but if I rest my hand gently on top of hers she is now able to write it completely on her own.
For this week’s activities we found the star inside of the middle of an apple (several of my children doubted that it was in there).

We also made a collage of red foods from pictures in our seed catalogs. We discussed what the food item was and if we had ever had that item to eat.  There were several items we had never eaten such as goji berries. We will have to be on the lookout the next time we go to the grocery store for some new red foods to eat.

I had intended to make an apple pie this week. We however had two birthday parties for our son, one with his siblings on his birthday and one with family over the weekend. Added to that was a trip to the aquarium for a field trip. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of making an apple pie from scratch.  It would be a good activity for a quieter week.

If you have completed My Father's World unit 4 I would love to hear about your projects!

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