Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Homemade Sugar Scrubs!

A few years ago I went through a period where I became very interested in natural products and essential oils. I spent quite a bit of time and money in places like Whole Foods shopping through the natural health care aisles and drooling over all of the products. As you can imagine I still have quite a stockpile of natural ingredients hanging out in my bathroom.

I am trying to downsize my stockpile by making use of the items I have on hand. Two of the items I would like to use up were Sweet Almond Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil. I decided to make a simple sugar scrub with the oils and some dried flower blossoms I also had on hand.

Sugar scrubs are very simple to make and can be easily adapted to use items that you already have on hand.

The basic recipe is:
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup oil
5-7 drops of essential oil

I started with the Sweet Almond Oil and sugar and then added 7 drops of a Rose Essential oil from my stash. I have dried roses in my stash as well so I crushed up some of the buds and added them to the sugar scrub as well.

Five minutes of work and I have two 4 oz jars of homemade Rose Sugar Scrub!

Next up I used my Apricot Kernel Oil, sugar, lavender essential oil, and dried lavender buds to make two 4 oz jars of homemade Lavender Sugar Scrub!

As I said this basic recipe is very easy to make substitutions to and can be very easily adapted. If you do not have any fancy oils laying around you can just as easily use Olive oil.

I am looking forward to making more homemade beauty products from my stash! If you have made some natural beauty items I would love to hear about them!

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