Friday, July 16, 2010

Cloth Diaper Maintenance

Cloth diapers are a very economical choice for many people, especially for those with multiple children in diapers at one time. While cloth diapers are over all pretty much exactly the same to use as disposable diapers there are some things that are different. One thing that is very different is the usage of diaper rash creams. There are very few that are safe for use with cloth diapers this is not usually a issue, you find a cream that works well and you stick with it for the length of time your child is in diapers. There are however times when you must use a different cream, one that is not safe for use with cloth. What to do then?

My youngest two children developed a pretty bad case of diarrhea a few weeks ago which resulted in a bacterial and yeast infection on their little butts. After several different Dr appointments and even more prescription creams they are finally doing better and almost healed. The problem is that even with a disposable diaper liner there was still some contamination on the diapers resulting in non-absorbent diapers. Now while cloth diapers are economical to use, they become some what less economical when you have to replace your entire stash. Stripping the diapers on the other hand is a great way to make your diapers like new for very little money and some elbow grease.

The first step in the process is to get some REALLY hot water in the kitchen sink. My water heater was not able to get the water as hot as I needed thanks to solar power so I boiled some water and added to the sink with a few Tablespoons of dish soap. Add the diapers to the mix and let soak till the water cools enough for you to be able to put your hands in the water.
Once the water is cool enough for you to put your hands in you will notice the water has turned cloudy. That is all the *stuff* that was accumulated in the fabric. In my case diaper rash creams...
Once you can handle the diapers you take a nail brush and more dish washing liquid and scrub, scrub, scrub. Once all the diapers are done toss them into the washing machine on hot with 1 more Tablespoon of dish washing liquid. Send the diapers through as normal being sure to check during the rinse cycle for bubbles if you see bubbles like in the picture below you need to keep up the rinses. It took me 4 rinse cycles to get clear water.

And there you go you now have stripped diapers :) I am very happy to say that my diapers are now as absorbent as the day I bought them....the Velcro on the other hand....well that is another post ;)

2 comments on "Cloth Diaper Maintenance"

Sweet Tater on July 16, 2010 at 11:33 AM said...

fun stuff. :) As to the velcro, I know what you mean. I'm already in the process of replacing the velcro tabs on the first batch I bought. The newer ones need it, too, though. Just not as badly. Yet. :)

Kim on January 3, 2011 at 10:14 PM said...

You know, we cloth diapered both our last kids (the 20 year old and the 13 year old). We used kooshies and Mother Ease (don't even know if those still exist) and I loved them. We found two diaper rash remedies that were great and didn't affect the diapers. The first is Aquaphor. That stuff is AWESOME!! The other is strange but is great for the acid burns from diahrea (sp). Barbasol shaving cream. It has to be Barbasol and it is great. Something in it neutralizes the acid and really clears up the rash quick. Believe it or not, I actually miss those diaper washing sessions. there was something so satisfying in folding those clean diapers and getting them ready to use again. The things you miss when your kids grow up..LOL!!


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