Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bry and the cat!

OK, so my hubby is NOT a cat person. Given the choice he would have gotten a dog in a heartbeat, but we have a super small backyard and we are constantly moving so he lowered himself to getting another cat. He loved my first cat and Fuji loved him the problem was we couldn't afford to spend $3,000 to bring him to England so he went to live with my parents in Kentucky. He has since become an outdoor cat and I have gone on to have 2 children which he HATES the last time we went to visit my parents he wouldn't even let me touch him. So in Kentucky he stayed and off to the Humane Society we went for a new cat. I brought Bry with me and he picked out a kitten that looks almost identical to Fuji and home we went. That was about 6 months ago and the kitten has NOT endeared herself to Bry, just the opposite in fact. She HATES him! She runs every time he comes in the room, will not let him pet her, and today added insult to injury and PEED on him! LOL! I can not wrap my head around this new insult...there he was peacefully sleeping away and wakes up to realize that the cat has peed on him! OMG I am laughing so hard I am having trouble typing! He woke up long enough to do some very colorful swearing, ripped the sheets off of the bed and got a new blanket and then went back to sleep. I am grateful that she likes me and waited till I was up to pee on him :D I am NOT looking forward to hearing him start bellowing when he wakes up for the day! No chance of getting him to clean out the cat box now! :(

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