Saturday, June 28, 2014

Field trip to Washington's Crossing

We are taking a break from our Ancient Times text to study the American Revolution. I know that sounds like a huge jump in time......and it is! We however live in the North East and are surrounded by American Revolution historical sites. We also know that as a military family we could get orders tomorrow sending us to a new part of the world. We wanted to take advantage of the warm weather and the local historical sites while we were able to.  After doing some research we decided to order the Time Travelers American History Study: American Revolution kit from Homeschool in the woods.

There is so much included in this kit! Honestly it is a bit overwhelming to think of completing a day's assignment in a day. There are just so many notebooking activities along with hands on learning that it is a lot to get done with our young children. Instead we do a day's assignment in 2 to 3 days depending on how many activities are in that particular assignment.  We are working our way thorough the first weeks assignments and found that there was a lot of talk about General George Washington and his battles. What better time than this week to go to Washington's Crossing?!

 For those that are unfamiliar with the site it is the location where George Washington crossed the Delaware river from Pennsylvania into New Jersey on Christmas night 1776. He and his troops then marched on to the Battle of Trenton where they secured a major victory against the Hessians. We literally walked where George Washington walked. So amazing!

We were very happily surprised when we arrived at the crossing to find multiple historic buildings and a museum with items from the time period. There was even a musket firing demonstration which amazed our kids.

I am in love with old homes and in learning about the day to day lives of the people who lived in these time periods. You can imagine my excitement when we were allowed to tour a home built in 1740 where it is rumored George Washington came for warmth after his historical crossing.  The home was in amazing condition and it was so wonderful to get to see how people lived so long ago. 

Overall it was wonderful and informative field trip! I love taking my children out of the books and into the history surrounding us.

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