Sunday, June 23, 2013

No new stuff challenge: Third week of June

Went thrift store shopping this week...and found the outfit for little bit for our upcoming family photo shoot ($1 :) ). It is an 18mth top but will fit her like a dress and work perfectly. It was hanging right on the end of the rack and just jumped out at me. I snatched it off that rack so fast I am surprised the rack didn't fall over ;)

Also found swim suits for the three youngest girls today! I actually got 4 suits because I was not sure if my smallest twin would fit a 2T or a 4T (my only two choices close to her size). I will redonate the one she can't wear.

Found some crocs for my son, and a pair of sandals for each of my big girls.

Plus the glasses my husband has been asking for for months. He hates drinking out of the little 8oz glasses and wanted the big 16 oz ones.

Then some random stuff: 2 pairs of shorts for my son, 1 pair of athletic pants for son, pair of pj's for my 6yr old, sun hat for my son, a pair of shoes for my son to grow into (size 11), and a swim suit for my oldest daughter (hers is faded and kind of saggy in the booty ;) ).

All of this for $5.11 :D

Total I would have spent if bought new: $200
Total actually spent: $5.11

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