Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have been slacking.....

Not in real life but here on my blog ;) Gotta get my booty back into posting since it helps to keep me honest with my debt/frugal progress.

Quick family update....
Sara Beth has become quite the little dare devil! There is nothing this child fears :) Here we have her riding her first horse:

Hailey just turned 6 and we had a wonderful party for her at the beach on base. I was able to rent out the entire private beach with a personal lifeguard for $125. My mother ended up paying for the beach (Thanks again mom!) so my only out of pocket expenses were for the food...$20 on fruit alone! But at least it all got eaten so there was no waste :) My poor $15 cake completely melted in the was quite comical!

My little girls are all grown up! Well at least they think they are :) They are now 4mths old and are getting big...Emma 10lbs 6oz, Lacy 8lbs 13oz! They are finally sleeping through the night, well most nights, and are getting ready to start solids soon. Not looking forward to the hit my grocery budget is about to take but getting excited about taking this next step with them. Lacy is now rolling over and getting quite mobile while Emma is still content to be a little bump on a log. The are both laughing now which makes life so much more fun over here!

Here we have Lacy:
And here is Emma:

Ok there is a quick family update. I promise to get a post up soon about how we are doing on our financial/frugal journey, I can say though that we are making some great progress :)

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