Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This weeks Growth Scan!

Yesterday was our monthly growth scan and we got some good news.

Emma: 2lbs 15oz ....She had the hiccups the entire time and we could actually see her hair moving in the fluid :)

Lacy: 2lbs 11oz...she was curled up in a tight little ball and kicked every time they tried to mess with her....guess she is like her mama don't mess with her while she is sleeping lol!

Lacy is still in the similar range with her sister which is very good. Because of her cord placement there is some worry that we could develop TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome)...basically one baby gets all the blood flow leaving the other twin to suffer. Since Lacy is holding her own though and keeping the difference to 4 oz each time she seems to be 100% healthy and doing well. They will continue to watch them with another growth scan in 4 weeks and bi-weekly ultrasounds to check the fluid levels (one of the first signs of a problem is if one baby develops more fluid than the other).

Here is the 29 week belly pic....

1 comments on "This weeks Growth Scan!"

Susanna said...

I have been wondering how you were, and just saw you were logged in to Momys, so here I am to check out your pregnancy news! You are doing GREAT! Good job, mama!


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