Sunday, October 4, 2009

Disposables, AIO's, or Pre-folds? What is cheaper???

I had always used disposables without thought to cloth diapering. I think the yuck factor and just plain uneducation on that matter worked against me on this topic. But when my youngest was about 12mths I discovered the world of AIO's (all in ones) and pocket diapers and I was sold! I love my AIO's and set out this time to cloth diaper the twins. Being the ever frugal person I am though I couldn't in good faith buy a bunch of AIO's without first doing the price comparison for all the different options out there.

So you lovely people are now going to be privy to my research :)

*Price breakdown for first 3 mths (changing the babies every 2 hours when fed)
DISPOSABLES: $254.40 (cheapest diaper brand made)
AIO's: $480 (birth to potty training)
PREFOLDS: $167.40 (diaper covers and Indian prefolds)

*Price breakdown for 3-6mths (changing babies every 4 hours when fed)
AIO's: $0
PREFOLDS: $47.70

*Price breakdown for 6-9mths (changing babies every 4 hours when fed)
AIO's: $0
PREFOLDS: $137.4

*Price breakdown for 9-12mths (changing babies every 4 hours when fed)
AIO's: $0

At 12 mths I could use the AIO's I already have so we shall stop the comparison here.

AIO's: $480.
PREFOLDS: $352.50

So you can see that disposables are almost double the amount of the AIO's while prefolds are the cheapest option. We shall be buying the prefolds this time around and learning all over again the quirks of cloth diapering :) For these comparisons I used for the prefold information and the local commissary for the disposable prices. For more info on the debate between cloth diapers and disposables please check out this site.

***Disclaimer: These numbers are based on diapering twins, and based on disposable pricing in my area. Prices will differ based on where you live so you will need to do your own comparison to see what works best for YOUR family***

3 comments on "Disposables, AIO's, or Pre-folds? What is cheaper???"

Sweet Tater on October 5, 2009 at 3:50 PM said...

Cheaper is impt. BUT not always BETTER. In my opinion, AIO's are WELL WORTH the money, in that you don't have the aggrivation I think you will have with prefolds. Granted, I didn't use prefolds, BUT I will say that I have heard they are much more prone to leaking, and also you have to change more often (and therefore either buy more or wash more, or both...) AND those little plastic pants things you wear (granted, I'm sure they've improved over the years) are bad on diaper rash. Still, go with what works for YOU. But I have to say this, too...Don't you ALREADY HAVE the AIO's??? Why not just add to that? I have twins, too, and I use 14 a day normally. Of course, that's not a newborn, I know, but still. That's about what I was going through when they were eating baby food, too. Maybe add one or two more a day. But still... I would think long and hard about it. You don't want to pay all that money, buy the prefolds, HATE them, then be out that much money, either. In my opinion, convenience is worth something, too, ESPECIALLY when you have twins, which you will soon sooooooo understand. LOL :)
Love you, girl!
I need to talk to you...I never have enough room to type...
Call you soon.

-mimi- on October 5, 2009 at 4:12 PM said...

I don't have any AIO's under the 12mth mark so I am having to buy them all. They use a diaper cover now that looks just like an AIO instead of the plastic pants. Looks just like using a pocket diaper which you have to stuff anyways so why not give it a try.

I am only going to get the newborn ones and then decide how I like them. Don't want to get the whole years worth and find out they irritate me to use! lol!

bre on October 10, 2009 at 9:17 PM said...

have you looked on ebay? There are often some good deals on bumgenius... even NWT (new with Tags ones)


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